Deluxe Drug Testing Software

$1750 - (one time charge, no future fees or license charges - ever!)

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Drug testing software Main window

Sample Screen Shot - Main Window

Drug Testing Software Program History Window

Sample Screen Shot - History/Reports Window

Deluxe Drug Testing Software Features

  • Fully Featured drug testing software that allows companies to effectively and efficiently implement and manage their drug and alcohol testing programs.

  • Scientifically valid random selection pooling capability is perfect for individual companies as well as drug testing clinics or others that use consortium random selections. Pool as many companies together as necessary to satisfy your consortiums. Create and change consortiums with our Manage Consortium Window (see screen shot below). No duplicates ever returned. Our random selection functionality meets all requirements described by governmental agencies for random selection criteria. 

  • Random selections can be made for either drug, alcohol, or both. Random selections can also include alternate candidates. The random selection report separates the drug results, alcohol results, and alternate results allowing easy visual clarity of the three groups at a glance.

  • DOT compliant for those who require it, but does not complicate matters for those who do not. All data on the US Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol Testing MIS Data Collection Form are captured and displayed on the DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing MIS Data Collection Form Data screen. All DOT test result types are available in drop down boxes. Never type one in again!

  • Fast data import with ability to see the data to be imported beforehand.​​ Import data records are validated before the actual import begins. If an import record is bad the system stops verification and informs you which is the offending record, allowing you to fix that record and start over without worrying about a partial import getting in.

  • Ability to create your own connections to any external agency, including labs, from within the system. Browse lab data and cut and paste right into the drug testing software system.

  • History of every record entered or altered. Never lose any important data.

  • Reports - Formatted random selection reports with drug or alcohol chosen, employee and company reports with Medical Review Officer, Test Date, and Test Result information included. All reports are formatted and saved in text files which can easily allow your company logo insertion.


  • Manual input and electronic import is fully supported. Enter your records manually or import them from spreadsheet data converted to comma separated value (CSV) files. Import is fast and efficient. Manual input is aided by drop down boxes for company name and test result data, and formatted date fields.​

  • History tables in database store and allow for retrieval of all data ever entered, imported, or altered. ​

  • User friendly software designed and built from the ground up by professionals in the drug and alcohol testing field. Our drug testing software employs drop down boxes and pre-formatted fields to select and add input values that have a known possible value, or data set. For example, date fields are pre-formatted. The DOT MIS Data Collection Form, which has over 100 possible drug/alcohol test results, some of which are quite long and tedious to type in, are available from a simple pre-populated drop down box. Just select the correct value from the selections in the box and move on! Save time and reduce errors.

  • One time purchase cost. No license fees. Can be used without restrictions under one roof. Guaranteed with a 30 day money back policy if any our products or services do not perform any task stated on this website or in our YouTube Demo.

  • Secure logon with key phrase password retrieval.

  • Talk to a real person for free support, training or guidance. When you call us, you get a person, not a recording.

Give us a call if you have any questions about our Deluxe Drug Testing Software. You can call us at (850) 686-5522.  You will be connected with one of our product specialists, not a sales person, and not a recording.


Following are some sample screen shots and reports from our drug testing deluxe application

Drug Testing Software Random Window

Sample Screen Shot - Random Selection Window

Drug Testing Software Random Report

Sample Screen Shot - Random Selection Report

Drug Testing Software DOT Drug

Sample Screen Shot - DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing MIS Data Collection Report - Drug Data

Drug Testing Software DOT Alcohol

Sample Screen Shot - DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing MIS Data Collection Report - Alcohol Data

Drug Testing Software Program Manage Consortium

Sample Screen Shot - Manage Consortiums

Drug Testing Software Program Consortium Report

Sample Screen Shot - Consortiums Report

Drug Testing Software Program External Connections

Sample Screen Shot - Manage External Connections

Drug Testing Software Program Import

Sample Screen Shot - Import Data

Drug Testing Software Program Participation Letter Generation

Sample Screen Shot - Random Participation Letter Generation

Drug Testing Software Program Participation Letter

Sample Screen Shot - Random Participation Letter

Drug Testing Program Company Report

Sample Company Test History Report

Drug Testing Program Employee Report

Sample Employee Test History Report