RandomizeIT (Stand-Alone Random Selection Software)

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Random Drug Testing RandomizeIT window

RandomizeIT  Random Selection Window

RandomizeIT Stand-Alone Random Selection Software Features

  • Our random selection generator is the perfect stand-alone application for the management of your drug testing random selections. Simple and easy to use yet powerful and DOT compliant. Can also be used for any type of data to extract a random subset.

  • Scientifically select random candidates for drug testing, alcohol testing, or drug and alcohol testing. You may also select as many alternate candidate as you wish. 

  • Perfect for customers that desire unbiased and scientifically sound random selection functionality for use with random drug and alcohol testing programs. Defensible random selections.

  • RandomizeIT!, is a scientifically sound high-quality pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) and meets all criteria of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website.​​​

  • Can also be used for any type of data to extract a random subset.​

  • Can be used to supplement any drug testing software to perform scientifically sound random drug testing selection. No duplicates are ever returned.

  • Imports only the first 3 fields of any candidate file for random selection, thus allowing you to use files of any size or shape efficiently. This greatly increases the speed of importing the file to be used for random selection. It also reduces the complexity of performing your random selection pulls.

  • You can use spreadsheet data easily converted to a comma separated (csv) file or any csv text file for your input. You can also use tab delimited files for your input.

  • RandomizeIT! software is incorporated into our full blown drug testing software product to provide random candidate selection.

  • Use this software to generate random data, random numbers, or of course, random drug testing candidates. This product ensures totally unbiased results. ​

  • Adheres to all DOT standards for random selection.​

  • Talk to a real person if you ever need support.​

  • One time cost. No license fees. Can be used without restrictions under one roof. Guaranteed with a 30 day money back policy if any our products or services do not perform any task stated on our website or in our YouTube demo.

  • Secure logon with key phrase password retrieval​.

Give us a call if you have any questions about our Random Selection Software. You can call us at (850) 686-5522.  You will be connected with one of our product specialists, not a sales person.

Drug testing software welcome window

RandomizeIT Welcome window

Drug testing software logon window

RandomizeIT Logon window

Drug Testing Software Import Window

RandomizeIT Import Window

Drug Testing Software Attach window

Selecting a comma separated file to import and be used as data for random selection

Drug Testing Software Imort with data

Comma separated file is chosen and shown before import

drug testing software successful import

Comma separated file is successfully imported. Next, go get your random selections!

Drug Testing Program Random Window

Random Selection Window - 10 drug, 2 alcohol (10% of 20), 2 alternates chosen

Drug Testing Software Random Report

Random Drug Selection Report from selection above

Drug testing software random window drug and alcohol per each

Random Selection Window - 5 Drug and Alcohol for each selection, 1 alternate chosen

Drug testing software random reports both drug and alchohol

Random Drug Selection Report from selection above

Drug Testing Software CSV File

Examples of Comma Separated Value (CSV) Files Used for Import