Deluxe Drug Testing Software Reports

Drug Testing Compliance Reports

Our reports will help you efficiently manage your compliance program. And if you are a clinic your customers will love the reports you can provide them!

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There are more than a dozen different types of reports in the Drug Testing Software Deluxe program. These reports are all saved in their respective folders on your C:\ drive. Each type has its own folder so that all of your reports are organized for easy retrieval. The report structure used is shown below:

C:\Drug Testing Reports\

Random Drug Testing Software Reports Folders

Random Selection Report

The random selection report is generated after a random selection pull. After performing a pull, click on the Save as Report button on the Random Selection window.

Drug Testing Software Random Selection Report

Random Selection Notification Letters

Notification letters can be generated for every individual chosen in the random selection pull by clicking on the Generate Notification Letters checkbox located on the Random Selection window.

Random Testing Software Notification Letter

Company Report

The Company Report provides all drug and alcohol test information for every employee from the chosen company for the specified begin and end date. It also provides important metrics on the outcomes of the drug/alcohol testing for the company, allowing them to better manage their employees. The Company Report is generated from the History and Reports window.

Drug Testing Software Company Report

Employee Report

The employee report provides all drug and alcohol test information for the employee within the begin and end date based on the company chosen. It also provides important metrics on the outcomes of the drug/alcohol testing for the individual employee, allowing better management of the employees. The Employee report is generated from the History and Reports window.

Drug Testing Software Employee Report

MRO Clearinghouse Report

The MRO Clearinghouse report provides the MRO with the data necessary to report to the Federal Clearinghouse. It lists all non-negative test results. This report is generated by selecting one or more (there is no limit) companies or a consortium from the  MRO Clearinghouse Window.

MRO Clearinghouse Report

Consortium Report

The consortium report provides the name of every company that belongs to every consortium created. Consortiums are created and manaaged with the Manage Consortium window.

Drug Testing Consortium Report

Company Roster Report

The company roster report is an important tool to allow coordination of current employee lists and to be able to add or remove employees from the system. Removed employees' data may still be kept within the history section of the software. The Roster Report is generated from the Generate Company Roster Report button on the Main window.

Drug Testing Roster Report

Random Selection Participation Letter

The random selection participation letter provides clinics the ability to supply their client companies with proof of participation in a drug and alcohol random selection program. An employee list on the bottom of this report is optional and is generated by clicking on the List Employees on Report checkbox on the Generate Random Selection Participation Letter window. The letter is generated from the Generate Random Participation Letter button on the  Main window.

Dug Testing Random Participation Letter 1
Dug Testing Random Participation Letter 2

Company and Consortium Test Results Bar Graphs

The Company and Consortium Results Bar Graphs are created from clicking on the Test Results Bar Graphs button on the History window. It is a picture representation of testing result metrics. They display total employee number, total tests number, total positive, negative and neither test results. They also provide a great way to check if the company or consortium are performing enough tests to meet their requirements (by looking at the total employees and total tests bars). 

Drug Testing Software Company Bar Chart
Drug Testing Software Consortium Bar Chart

DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing MIS Data Collection Form data

From the DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing MIS Data Collection Form Data window you can click on the Save Data button. This will save a picture file in the C:\Drug Testing Reports\MIS Reports folder of the current window's data. You can open this file using the Microsoft Paint program. Once open, you can use the File/Print option to print the file to your printer, thus giving you a hard copy of the data necessary to fill out the DOT Drug and Alcohol Testing MIS Data Collection Form data. An example of the drug result and alcohol result file is shown below:

DOT MIS Drug Results

DOT Drug and Alcohol Tesing MIS Data Collection Form Data for drug results

DOT MIS Alcohol Results

DOT Drug and Alcohol Tesing MIS Data Collection Form Data for alcohol results

All Valid DOT Test Type Results

The report includes the list of all valid DOT drug and alcohol testing results. There are over 100 of these result types described by the Department of Transportation. These test result types are also provided in a drop down box on our Add Record window so that you never have to type them in. You can use this DOT result type report to cut and paste into your import file before importing. An example of a few valid DOT test result types is shown below

Drug/Pre-employment - verified negative
Drug/Pre-employment - positive marijuana
Drug/Pre-employment - positive cocaine
Drug/Pre-employment - positive PCP
Drug/Pre-employment - positive Opiates

Alcohol/Reasonable suspicion/cause - result below 0.02
Alcohol/Reasonable suspicion/cause - result over 0.02
Alcohol/Reasonable suspicion/cause - result 0.02 to 0.039
Alcohol/Reasonable suspicion/cause - result 0.04 or more
Alcohol/Reasonable suspicion/cause - shy lung

CSV File Reports (3) 

There are three comma separated value (CSV) files which can be created. They are  all of the data on the Main window, all of the data on the History window, and the data contained in the random selection report. These CSV files can be used for import back into the system or for import into any spreadsheet software. Spreadsheets allow you to make calculations with the data and to produce graphs and charts. An example of part of a CSV file taken from the Main window is shown below.

123456691,Ed,Simmons,1963-06-13,ABC Testing,Brenda/Quest,2017-01-03,Drug/Pre-employment - positive marijuana
123456692,Mike,Taylor,1963-06-14,ABC Testing,Brenda/Lab Corp,2020-01-04,Drug/Random - positive Amphetamines
123456693,Brian,Becker,1963-06-15,ABC Testing,Sue/Quest,2017-01-05,Drug/Pre-employment - positive Opiates
123456694,David,Adams,1963-06-16,ABC Testing,Sue/Quest,2017-01-06,Drug/Pre-employment - verified negative

All reports are organized for easy retrieval. Each report type is in a separate folder underneath the C:\Drug Testing Reports folder.