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It's normal to be unsure of which drug and alcohol testing software, or any software for that matter, is the best choice for your business. Maybe you're a clinic and in need of a cost effective way to manage your customer's drug and alcohol testing requirements. Or maybe you are an individual company seeking the most economical way to manage your own drug and alcohol testing program.

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Which drug & alcohol testing software is the best choice?

Many businesses and organizations decide issues like this is by conducting a cost-benefit analysis (CBA). Below is a simple CBA for the TATSoftApps drug and alcohol testing software. We hope you will find this beneficial.

Drug and Alcohol Testing Software Cost Benefit Analysis

Cost-Benefit Analysis

How does TATSoftApps drug and alcohol testing software succeed when they maintain a "one charge and done" policy?


Deluxe Drug Testing Software - $1750 total cost

RandomizeIT Random Selection Software - $750 total cost

With TATSoftApps, these are one-time costs, and there are never any recurring charges or fees. This literally guarantees that you will save money in the short term and the long term on managing your drug and alcohol testing management system. Most other drug and alcohol testing management software companies charge you quarterly to use their software. And these costs and fees are subject to change over time resulting in increases to their customers.  Many of these companies even charge by the number of employees being managed. Their business model requires ongoing and recurring charges from their client base to remain viable and growing.


At TATSoftApps, our business model does not depend on recurring charges or fees to grow our business. Our business model methodology takes a different approach. An approach that saves you money. It works like this:

Since the Global Drug Screening Market was valued at USD 5.3 billion in 2022 and is expected to reach USD 18.99 billion by 2029, we realize that there are more than enough businesses already existing and coming soon that will require drug and alcohol testing software.  With this in mind, our business model provides affordable, efficient, and reliable software to many clients instead of constantly securing additional revenue from each new or existing client.


Our business model does not require us to charge each client with ongoing and recurring costs. This is what sets us apart from most other drug and alcohol testing software companies. And this is how you can get the tools you need to manage your drug and alcohol testing program at greatly reduced overall costs. It's really that simple. This business model works for us and, more importantly, it works for our customers. And we can prove it. See what our customers say about us!

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As you can see from the other pages on our website, both of our drug and alcohol testing software products are best in class. Please review our whole website, watch our YouTube demo video, and see what our customers say about our products and you will see why we believe we have the best software for price, quality, and service.


Our Deluxe Drug Testing Software has all of the tools necessary to allow you to efficiently and effectively manage your drug and alcohol testing program and is available at a one-time cost. 

And if your are looking for only random selection capability, our RandomizeIT random selection software is perfect for those requiring only random selection capability.  And both of our software products' random selection methodologies are scientifically valid and adhere to all governmental agency requirements for valid random candidate selection. 


Our business model is simple and straight-forward. We do not seek revenue from our customers through recurring costs. Instead, TATSoftApps relies on a growing customer base. This benefits our customers by lowering their individual costs to a one-time purchase price.


By purchasing our drug testing software, you can own outstanding drug and alcohol testing management software while at the same time reducing your cost and completely eliminating recurring charges and fees. It's that simple. The bar chart below shows the dramatic difference in costs over 10 years ( $18,250!). And if you are paying more than $500/quarter, and many are, the cost difference would be even more dramatic.



Drug Testing Software Cost

After year one, TATSoftApps has no cost bar because it has no costs!

Assuming an industry standard average of $500/quarter in charges and fees with other drug and alcohol testing software on the market today, you can purchase and own the TATSoftApps deluxe drug and alcohol testing software for less than just one year of costs with other drug and alcohol testing software companies!  And after year one, TATSoftApps costs you nothing.

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The decision on which drug and alcohol testing software you should choose is not as hard as it might seem. Get a system that will do everything you need AND get it at the best overall value available in the market.

The TATSoftApps software does everything I need to manage my drug and alcohol testing management system!

It's easy to get our drug and alcohol testing software right now! Any day of the week and any time of the day. You can be up and running with it right now.  See how here.

"Super friendly and professional support. User friendly software and easy to follow instruction. Would highly recommend this program for anyone needing drug testing software. Definitely tell there are a lot of hours behind the scenes.  The effort shows. Great product and exceptional service and support."

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