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The random candidate selection 500 service (see all services) with a candidate pool size of 501 - 1000 is guaranteed to be truly random, and never selects duplicate records. 


You may instruct us to pull a specific number of candidates or a specific percentage of candidates from your total candidate pool.


If you would like a notification letter generated for every individual selected in the random pull, please purchase the product labled "Add Notification Letters to Random Selection Service". For an additional $15 we will include a notification letter which will include the ID, name, company, and test type to be performed for each individual selected. You will receive these notification letters at the same time as you receive the random selection report.



If your candidate pool is formatted properly (CSV file with ID, first name, last name or ID, first name, last name, and company name) you will get your results in 1 business day!

Service - Random Selection Service Pool of 251-500

  • Random Candidate Selection Service for candidate pool of 251 - 500 employees.


    If your candidate pool is formatted properly, get your results in 1 business day!

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