Random Candidate Selection Service

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Let us ease your workload and provide your random candidate selections for you!

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The cost of this service is based on the number of people in the candidate pool.

Service 100

Candidate Pool Size 100 or less


Service 250

Candidate Pool Size 101 - 250


Service 500

Candidate Pool Size 251 - 500


Service 1000

Candidate Pool Size 501 - 1000


Over 1000? Call us for bulk discount

Why Use TATSoftApps' Drug and Alcohol Random Candidate Selection Service?

  • Our Random Selection Service follows the mandated governmental guidelines:

The cornerstone of every substance abuse deterrence program is verifiable, unbiased random selection. When choosing participants for a random test, the drug testing random selection software used should ensure unbiased selections. It should be a double-blind selection method, one in which neither the administrators nor the participants can predict or affect the outcome. The random selection software used should not examine participants ID numbers, length of service, social security numbers, nor should it take into account how many times, when, or whether participants have been tested in the past. Each random selection is completely unaware of every previous random selection.