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Drug & Alcohol Testing Software Program and Random Selection Services

If you are searching for a user friendly yet comprehensive drug and alcohol testing software program, look no further. You have found the best system available for quality, price  and service. Manage your own company's drug and alcohol testing program or, if you are a clinic, manage an unlimited number of client companies. Either way, our Drug and Alcohol Testing Software Program allows you full flexibility to meet all of your particular requirements.


Forget about monthly or yearly fees. For a one time charge (no future charges or license fees ever) you can own the premier drug testing software product on the market, TATSoftApps' Deluxe Drug Testing Software.

Deluxe Drug Testing - Random Selection Window

Drug Testing Software Program Random Window

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Our Deluxe Drug Testing Software has the following attributes: 

  • Scientifically valid and defensible random selections that meet every criteria for random selection mandated by governmental agencies, including DOT.

  • If you use consortiums for your random selections, we've got you covered. Create and manage consortiums with no limits on number of consortiums or number of companies! If you don't use consortiums, no problem, just use the company name drop down box.

  • Random selections can be made for either drug, alcohol, or both. Random selections can also include alternate candidates.

  • No limit on number of companies or employees you can manage.

  • ​DOT or non DOT Compliant​.

  • DOT Drug & Alcohol MIS Data Collection Form data​ automatically computed and displayed in same format as the DOT form. Compute for a single company, multiple companies, or a consortium.

  • Electronic data import, manual data input or both​.

  • Ability to create and maintain external lab connections​ from within the application.

  • Generate company random selection participation letter which can include employee list as well. 

  • Complete company and employee reporting​.

  • Built for individual companies and/or medical clinics​.

  • Pre-loaded with every DOT test result type. Simply select test result from drop down box. Never type one in again!​

  • Fully featured yet easy and intuitive to use​.

  • History of every test result by company and employee​.

  • Personalized user login with key phrase password retrieval​.

  • Built from the ground up by professionals in the drug testing industry.

  • Fun and easy to use!

  • See our Guarantee

  • Easy to purchase and download - see how

Secure Solutions for all your drug & alcohol testing needs

Deluxe Drug Testing Software Main Window

  • Unlimited Usage Under One Roof

  • No License Fees - Ever

  • No monthly fees - Ever

  • Full and free technical support

  • Trusted worldwide

  • Click to see our guarantee

  • Purchase with confidence

  • Questions? Give us a call:


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Drug Testing Software Program Main Window

All names shown in screen shots on this website are ficticious and used for demonstration purposes only.

You can count on TATSoftApps for all of your drug testing program needs.

Drug testing software reliability

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Our Deluxe Drug Testing Software has everything you need to manage your drug and alcohol testing program needs. Either for your business, or other businesses that depend on you for their drug & alcohol testing management. Unlimited number of employees, companies, and consortiums.  Easily administer your random selection requirements. Create company and employee reports with ease. Yearly DOT MIS Data Collection Form numbers and totals automatically computed and accurately displayed.

If all you need is random selection capability and nothing else, we also offer a stand-alone product called RandomizeIT. It uses the same scientifically sound method of selecting random candidates for drug or alcohol testing that our Deluxe Drug Testing Software product uses, but does only random selections.

Finally, we provide Random Selection Services. Let us ease your workload and perform your random selections for you!  Having a third party entity perform your random selections eliminates any question of bias with your employees, and you can rest assured that our random selection methodology meets all of the requirements mandated by the DOT and all governmental agencies.

TATSoftApps is a full service drug and alcohol testing software solutions center, offering both products and services. All of our products and services are described on this website. Browse it to learn more about us and to decide which product or service best suits your needs.

See our products and services below.  Call us if you have any questions: 850-686-5522. 



Deluxe Drug Testing Software

$1,750 one time charge

Our Deluxe Drug Testing Software program is the premier solution for all of your drug testing management needs. It even produces the data required by the DOT MIS Data Collection Form!

Stand-Alone Random Selection Software

Our stand-alone Random Selection Software product enables you to select your random candidates by either a percentage or a hard number. It is easy to use and scientifically sound.

$475 one time charge

Random Selection Services

Varies by random pool size

Let us ease your workload by administering your random selection service for you!  Eliminate any question of bias in the selection process. Results returned in one business day!


Deluxe Drug Testing Software Attributes

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Data Import

  • Our drug testing software easily allows you to import your data. All you need is a comma separated value (csv) file or spreadsheet of your employee records. Most companies input their essential personnel data, then enter the drug and alcohol tests results as they arrive using our Add Results window. You can also input records which have all data captured on the Main window, including drug and alcohol test results.

  • The import window allows you to browse the contents of the import file before you import it. 

  • Our data import stops if there is an error in the import file. It then tells you exactly which import record has the error. Then it backs out all of the records that were imported before the error occurred. This is known as a database rollback. You can then fix the bad record and start over without having to figure out which records imported and which did not. 

  • Either way: electronic import, manual input, or both, data entry in our drug testing software is easy and intuitive. 


Product & Services Breakdown - Everything You Need to Manage Your Drug & Alcohol Management System

Product - Deluxe Drug Testing Software

Fully featured, robust, flexible, and secure. Designed for companies and/or clinics to effectively and efficiently implement and manage drug and alcohol testing programs either for themselves or, in the case of clinics, an unlimited number of companies and consortiums. Manage consortiums efficiently and effectively with our Manage Consortium window. Scientifically valid and fast random candidate selection with company pooling if desired. No duplicates ever returned. Fast data import with ability to see the data to be imported beforehand. DOT or non DOT compliant. Easily get or stay in compliance with all Governmental agencies, including the DOT. Random selection for just one company, multiple companies, or a pool of companies in a consortium. History is stored of every record entered or altered. Random reports, employee reports, company reports all generated, saved, and formatted.​ DOT MIS Data Collection Report data generated and numbers totaled with ease. Ability to create and maintain external lab connections. Secure logon with key phrase password retrieval. Talk to a real person if you ever need support.

Product - Stand-Alone Random Selection Software

Perfect for customers that desire unbiased and scientifically sound random selection functionality for use with random drug and alcohol testing programs. Defensible random selections. RandomizeIT! is a scientifically proven high-quality pseudo-random number generator (PRNG) and meets all criteria of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration website. Secure logon with key phrase password retrieval.

Service - Random Selection Services

Let us ease your workload by administering your random selection service for you! Separate yourself from the random selection of your employees. Eliminate any question of bias. Let us ease your workload. TATSoftApps' Random Selection Service gives employers peace of mind that they are complying with Federal and Industry mandated standards for drug and alcohol testing programs. No waiting, results returned within 1 business day!


Client FeedBack

"This is so much more friendly than the Randomware program we were utilizing. I love this program, it is working great and I must say the customer service ROCK’s as well."

Thanks again.

Andrea L.

Accounting Admin/Project Coordinator

Conductor Power, LLC


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About Us

TATSoftApps is located in Navarre, on the Gulf Coast of Florida 

We are the trusted name in drug testing software both locally and nationally.

All of our software is built from the ground up in consultation with drug testing industry experts.

Our software comes with  a full 30 day money back guarantee. If our products and services do not do what we say they do, we will refund your purchase price in full. Purchase with confidence.

We offer a deluxe drug testing software system, a random candidate selection software system, and random selection services.


Our drug testing software will provide you with the ability to operate more efficiently and with lower labor costs. 

Get your random selections by company, companies, or pool companies together for consortium selections.


Scientifically sound random candidate selection. We use a high-quality pseudo-random number generator (PRNG). You can create a random drug candidate selection list based upon a hard number or a percentage of your candidate pool.

Ability to easily create and maintain external connections to labs or any other external entity or organization.

Easily get or stay in compliance with all DOT agencies including the FAA, FTA, FMCSA, RSPA, USCG, etc. Every type of drug and alcohol testing is supported. Yearly U.S. Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol Testing MIS Data Collection Form mandated by the DOT is stored, displayable, and printable. 

Why TATSoftApps




We realize that there are many drug and alcohol testing software systems you can choose from. We have looked at them all, and we believe ours is not only the best for the money, but the best overall. 

We designed our drug testing software from the ground up to be user friendly and intuitive. Every aspect of our drug testing software was designed with input from professionals in the drug testing management software system industry.


You will be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you will be up and running with our software.

We guarantee all of our software and services with a full month money back guarantee. If our software or services do not do what we say they do, your money will be refunded. Purchase with confidence.

Studies show that data entry is one of the most expensive costs associated with running a business. Our software uses drop down boxes to enable selection of input instead of typing of input wherever possible. For example, there are over 100 possible DOT drug testing result values. Each of these possible values are pre-populated in our drug testing software in a convenient drop down box. Never type one in again!


Date fields are pre-formatted. Screen layouts are displayed in a manner that is easy and intuitive to understand and interact with.


Our drug testing software has your reports covered. Employee reports, company reports, drug testing result reports, even the data for the US Department of Transportation Drug and Alcohol Testing Data Collection Form is available in our program. All reports are formatted and saved to your hard drive.

Our support is simply the best. We are here. We answer the phone (850-686-5522). And we provide any assistance necessary.